• Engagements on Budget Ceilings

    Discussion on Marsabit county budget, aimed at ensuring adherence to stipulated county budget ceilings.
  • Model County Revenue Handbook

    Launch of the Model County Revenue Handbook
  • Development in Counties

    Roads in Counties are being opened up.
  • Revenue Enhancement for Counties

    Value addition for agricultural produce, a potential area for revenue enhancement
  • ICT

    Konza City – Tomorrow’s ‘Silicon Valley’.
  • Dairy Farming

    Productivity of dairy sector will be enhanced.
  • Devolution Acheivements

    Yikisemei school before and after devolution.

    SHARING REVENUE AMONG COUNTIES FOR FINANCIAL YEARS 2015/2016,   2016/2017,    2017/2018

Counties Compliance with CRA Budget Ceilings

Counties CRA Budget Ceiling Compliance List - 9th March 2015_001

Basis of Revenue Sharing among the Counties for FY 2012/13, 2013/14, 2014/15

By a resolution passed on 22nd November 2012, the National Assembly resolved in pursuant of Article 217 of the Constitution, the basis of revenue sharing shall be as follows:

Parameters Percentage Weights
1 Population 45%
2 Poverty Index 20%
3 Land Area 8%
4 Basic Equal Share 25%
5 Fiscal Responsibility 2%

Functions of County Government

  • County Govt Image

    These are the functions that will be devolved to the new county governments.

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Functions of National Government

  • National Govt Image

    These are the functions that will remain the responsibility of the National Government.

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