Research and Policy

The functions of research and policy department include; conducting research and policy analysis and offer advice on various issues pertinent to the Commission’s work, Engage other stakeholders within and outside government to improve on data and research, putting in place systems for a modern research and policy e.g.  STATA statistical software as required and train staff on how to use it.

Fiscal Affairs

The function of this department is to position the counties for the effective roll out of devolved government, Building CRA’s knowledge base on counties, Clarify and cost functions at the two levels of government, Support the development of devolution structures, systems and role clarification, Define and enhance revenue sources.


The function of this department is to manage internal and external communications. Other functions include managing feedbacks, media/public, updating the website.

Corporate Services

The functions of this department include; setting up the organizational structure, developing a skills requirement for each of the positions and undertaking a salary survey in both the public and the private sectors, Preparation of the budget, Facilitating the external audit of the Commission’s accounts, Recruitment and Training.

Legal Affairs

The department scanned the environment for any legislation that touches on the mandate of the CRA, such as those on public finance and those that affect revenue generation and enhancement for the national and county governments. The department consistently scanned the Bills to ensure that existing legislation is constitutional and/or enhance principles of public finance and revenue enhancement in the national and county governments. The process for achieving this was more or less the same as that for review of new legislation.

Other functions include; Preparing working papers and advisory opinions not only on draft bills but also on other constitutional questions and issues received from the Commissioners and also to work with other stakeholders, to ensure significant and high quality development of all the devolution bills.

ICT Services

The function of ICT is to set up the ICT Directorate within the Commission and also advice the Commission on the current trends and best practices within the ICT industry. Developed ICT Policy document, created an online document sharing repository through online drop box, continually updating CRA website and give ICT support services.