Panelists at the 2nd  devolution conference held at USIU Africa.

The 2nd Conference on Devolution for Sustainable Development was held on the 26th to 28th September 2018 at the United States International University (U.S.I.U)-Africa.

The Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) represented by CRA vice-chairperson Humphrey Wattanga, Commissioner Kishanto Ole Suuji, Director of Economic Affairs Lineth Oyugi and Director Legal Affairs Sheila Yieke. CRA vice chairperson Mr Humphrey Wattanga presented the marginalization policy as an instrument to meet Kenya’s commitment to SDGS under the sub-theme “Major policy themes and designing implementation models for sustainable development goals in the counties”.

CRAs Director of Economic Affairs Ms Lineth Oyugi emphasized the importance of counties to receive equitable shares from the National government and raise their own funds

in order to achieve the sustainable development goals. The second policy identifying marginalized areas was highlighted as addressing inequalities by focusing on the priority areas of water, health, electricity and education.

“We need priorities in order to know where to start and end. We also need integrated development and working partnerships in order to achieve SDGs’’ said Ms Oyugi.

In September 2015, Kenya joined other 193-member states of the United Nations to adopt a set of seventeen “Sustainable Development Goals,” to be achieved by 2030. It is quite instructive that so far there is no overall, positive agenda of what new things need to be done to ensure that the goals are achieved across all counties. Sustainable development is generally homegrown and invariably not something that is readily or easily exported from one place to another.



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