Call for Abstracts on Marginalization

The Marginalization Lab Steering Committee is planning to hold a two and a half days’ conference in Nairobi in May 2020.  The conference shall include sharing of experiences from grass root participants on issues of marginalization. It is envisaged that the conference will bring together participants from marginalized communities, emerging marginalized groups, researchers, policy makers, civic actors, academia among others. The Steering committee expects that the Conference will lead to an open and deeper understanding of the subject and formulate specific actions towards de-marginalization in Kenya.

A report on the “The State of Marginalization 2020” will be launched at the conference to inform future discussions on marginalization in the country.

The committee therefore wishes to invite authors to submit abstracts related to the themes and aims of the conference. These are;

  1. Marginalized people, communities and regions
  2. Political, social, economic, cultural, gender, policy, legal and institutional dimensions of marginalization
  3. Historical, contemporary and emerging dimensions of marginalization
  4. Audit of the 2010 constitution in relation to marginalization
  5. Sectoral dimensions of marginalization (e.g. education, health, infrastructure and others)

It is expected that the abstracts will demonstrate the empirical, analytical, evaluative, case studies and experiential nature of marginalization.

Click here for guidelines and more information: Call for Abstracts on Marginalization_September_2019