Isiolo county, cattle 2

Location: Located in the upper Eastern region of Kenya. lt borders seven counties with Garissa to the East, Wajir to the North East, Meru to the South West, Samburu to the East and Marsabit to the North West, with Kitui and Tana River counties to the South West and South East respectively.

Area (Km 2): 25,336.1 Km 2

Climate/Weather: Temperatures range from a minimum of 12 degrees C to a maximum of - 28 degrees C. Rainfall ranges from 150mm to 650 mm per annum typical of ASALs in Kenya.

Road Network:

  • Bitumen Surface   (11 Km),
  • Gravel Surface     (87.6 Km),
  • Earth Surface       (289 3 Km)

Isiolo County

  • Isiolo North
  • Isiolo South

Population: 143,294

  • Male -         51%
  • Female -      49 %

Population Density: 5.66 people per Km 2

National Percentage: 0.37 %

Annual Growth Rate: 1 45%

Age Distribution:

  • 0-14 years (44 %)
  • 15-64 years (52 %)
  • 65+ years (4%)

Some Strengths of Isiolo County include:

  • Natural resources as Forests, wildlife, minerals, building sand, water, pasture and land
  • Tourist Attractions as Buffalo Springs, Shaba and Bisanadi Game Reserves and the Lewa Downs Conservancy.
  • Main Economic Activities include Pastoralism, subsistence agriculture, small-scale trade and limited harvesting of gum Arabica resin
  • The building of the 501 km Isiolo-Moyale highway, which links Kenya to Ethiopia, is currently on-going with 136km from Isiolo to Merille so far complete

Potential  Minerals: graphite, sapphire, feldspar, muscovite, kaolin, beryl, copper, corundum, garnet, bismuth, silica, iron ore, pyrite

Number of institutions (2007): Primary (91), Secondary (11), Tertiary (1)

Primary: Total Enrolment (24,004)

Teacher to Pupil Ratio: 1: 38.6 (Public Schools)

Secondary: Total Enrolment (2,155)

Teacher to Pupil Ratio: 1: 26 (Public Schools)

Tertiary: 1 (Isiolo Youth Polytechnic)

Adult Literacy Classes: Total Enrolment (1,158)

Health Facilities: Dispensaries (24), Health Centres (1), District Hospitals (1)

Infant Mortality rates: 43/1000

Under Five Mortality Rates: 56/1000


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