Masai women from Kajiado county, making, displayand selling beads

Location: Located in Rift Valley, it borders Narok county to the West, Nakuru, Kiambu and Nairobi Counties to the North, Machakos, Makueni and Taita-Taveta Counties to the East and Tanzania to the South.

Area (Km 2): 21,901 Km 2

Kajiado County


  • Kajiado Central
  • Kajiado North
  • Kajiado South
  • Kajiado East

Population: 687,312

Population Density: 31 people per Km 2

Some Strengths of Kajiado County include:

  • Natural resources like wildlife, open grasslands, wooded bush lands, open bushes, woodlands and forests, Ngong Hills, Soda Ash & Gemstones.
  • Main Economic Activities include pastoralist livestock herding, tourism, agriculture and urban-life activities like cattle trading and sand harvesting and quarries, Soda Ash mining.
  • The County benefits from Nairobi county due to its proximity

Number of Institutions: Primary (198)

Primary: Enrolment (54,278)

Health Facilities: 87; District Hospitals (2), Dispensaries (40), Health Centres (19), Private Health Institutions (26)

Doctor to Population Ratio: 1:76,000


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