fish farming in siaya

Location: Located in Nyanza, it borders Busia County to the North-West, Kakamega County to the North-East, Vihiga and Kisumu County to the East and Lake Victoria to the South.

Area (Km 2): 2,530 Km 2

Siaya County

  • Ugenya
  • Ugunja
  • Alego Usonga
  • Gem
  • Bondo
  • Rareida

Population: 842,304

Population Density: 333 people per Km 2

Some Strengths of Siaya County include:

  • Natural resources as agricultural land, fisheries, indigenous forests, rivers, timber, Thimlich Ohinga
  • Tourist Attractions as Yala swamp and wetlands, Ndanu Falls, Lake Kanyaboli, Lake Victoria and Kogelo home to Obama Snr the father of USA president Barrack Obama
  • Main Economic Activities include subsistence farming, livestock keeping, fishing, rice farming-Dominion Farms along River Yala and small-scale trading

potential Minerals: silica, gold

Number of Institutions: Primary (381), Secondary (56)

Health Facilities: 37; Hospitals (3), Dispensaries (19), Health Centers (15)

Doctor to Population Ratio: 1:44,000


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