October 31, 2018

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CRA chairperson Dr Jane Kiringai was elected chairperson of the forum of Chairpersons of Constitutional Commissions and Independent Offices at the seventh annual congress held in Meru from the 10th to 12th of October, 2018.

In her acceptance speech after being elected, Dr Jane Kiringai commended the chairpersons for their excellent participation and engagement throughout the entire forum. She further requested the secretariat to develop a mechanism for collecting views of participants who attend the annual congress in order to get feedback on areas of improvement.

‘We need to hunt as a pack. We all had our banners which all had a vision and mission and if we ourselves do not remember these visions how do we expect Kenyans to remember?’’ She said.
She further urged commissions and independent offices to communicate their work effectively.
‘We need to collectively communicate to Kenyans about what we are, about who we are and what they can expect from us, and with time when the public knows more about us, they will appreciate our work. The public does not appreciate us because they don’t know what we are about, they don’t know what we deliver, they don’t know what they can hold us accountable for. So the challenge presented to us is to think deeply about how we can easily communicate to Kenyans. Once we are sure Kenyans can hold us accountable, then we can hunt as a pack.’’ CRA Chairperson Dr Jane Kiringai said.

The Commission on Revenue Allocation was represented by the Chairperson Dr Jane Kiringai, Commissioners, Prof. Edward Oyugi, Mr Kishanto Ole Suuji, Dr Irene Asienga, CEO Mr George Ooko and PA to the chairperson Ms Jecinter Hezron.

The seventh annual congress of constitutional commissions and independent offices aimed at addressing public participation issues and took up the theme of ‘Public participation: Pathway to sustainable development,’ was meant to review how public participation has been done since the Constitution came into effect in 2010. The three-day conference included exhibitions and a visit to the county and national government flagship projects in Meru.

In addition, CRA visited areas identified as marginalised in Meru County. The delegation visited Kamberia area in Tigania East which was identified as marginalised in the second policy by CRA.
‘We came to confirm that this place is marginalised as data suggested and our visit today confirms that this is the case. We have travelled widely in the sub-location and have found the area is very marginalised having poor access to water, health, roads and electricity. We will do this for the other areas that were identified as marginalised to confirm the data as it is.’ Prof. Edward Oyugi said.

Due to this new appointment, CRA will lead in the planning and preparation of the next annual congress for Constitutional Commissions And Independent Offices


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