CRA CEO Mr. George Ooko Spearheading a health  forum work group at the Kenya National Theater, Nairobi.

Equity week 2018 revolved around the sensitive issues of health, urban poverty and addressing inequities in counties. The one-week event which was evenly distributed across three different geographical regions which included Nairobi metropolitan, North Rift region and Coastal region was spearheaded by the International Budget Partnership in conjunction with the Commission on Revenue Allocation as well as other stakeholders.

Health Forum

Speaking on the importance of affordable health insurance capable of offering financial protection, C.R.A. CEO Mr George Ooko emphasized on the need to ensure all Kenyans benefit from Universal Health Care which is meant to promote equality among citizens. He also encouraged health workers to extend services not only to their allocated pool but also their respective counties.
Urban Poverty Forum

Speaking at the Urban Poverty Forum in Nairobi, CRA chairperson Dr Jane Kiringai gave insight into the Commission’s role in the provision of health, water, roads and education services to marginalised areas.

‘Moving from Counties to Sub locations affords the Commission the capacity and necessary insights required to pry into each county more deeply. In so doing it brought out instances of marginalization that exist even among those counties perceived as well-endowed. Counties have a big role of expanding the range of services by including more people to benefit from Universal Health Coverage, reducing the cost of accessing health services by allowing the public to pay according to ability and receiving health services according to needs. All this has to be achieved progressively while avoiding discrimination,” CRA chairperson Dr Jane Kiringai said.

It is evident that, the commission has a role to sustain the growth of counties as well as implement the same to the marginalised areas by enhancing service delivery and ensure every county has enough resources and is moving forward so as to attain the devolution dividends.

Nairobi Regional Forum

The goal of the Nairobi Forum was to address inequality in the Nairobi metropolitan region. CRA was represented by the CRA chairperson, Dr Jane Kiringai, Commissioner Ms Fouzia Abdikadir, Economic Affairs Director, Ms Lineth Oyugi, Research Manager, Dr Naomi Muthoni, PA to Chairperson Ms Jecinter Hezron and the Communication team comprising of Ms Jeannette Akinyi, Ms Ann Ashioya and Mr Ronald Ng’eno. Nairobi, Kiambu and Murang’a Counties sent representatives.

CRA chairperson, Dr Jane Kiringai made a presentation on, ‘Inequality, poverty and Marginalization: A revenue sharing perspective’. She informed participants that the Commission’s vision and motto is that no Kenyan will be left behind and it has two policy levers to achieve this vision: the marginalisation policy and the formula that is used to share revenues among the 47 county governments. She informed the public that the equitable share to county governments allocates significant resources to address equity and infrastructure gaps.

“Specifically, the poverty parameter is used as a proxy/determinant of development needs and economic disparity with the goal of achieving redistribution to address economic inequalities in counties,” she said.

CRA Director for Economic Affairs, Ms Lineth Oyugi made a presentation on, ‘Addressing Inequality, Poverty and Marginalisation through the Revenue Sharing and Equalisation Funds’. She outlined the CRA mandate and explained how it aims at achieving equity by (1) equitable sharing of revenues between national and county governments (vertical recommendation); (2) equitable sharing of revenues among county governments (horizontal recommendation); and (3) determining, publishing and regularly reviewing a policy in which it sets out the criteria by which to identify the marginalised areas for purposes of the Equalisation Fund (Second Policy).


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