September 28, 2018

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Revenue Allocation

Participants of the  Stakeholder's Workshop held in Naivasha.

CRA in partnership with the Agile Harmonized Assistance for Devolved Institutions (AHADI) held a retreat for officers from health, water, roads and agriculture sectors from 17th -19th September 2018. The retreat was held to find out sector responsibilities by ministries of the national government and counties; understand current expenditure needs with each of these sectors; discover best measures that can be used to highlight these needs.

The retreat was held as part of CRA’s development of a new formula that will run for the next five years from FY2019/2020. CRA is using a participatory approach and involving stakeholders from the public, private and non-governmental sectors as it aims at developing a formula that will ensure equity in resource distribution.

Launching the retreat, CRA Chairperson Dr Jane Kiringai informed participants that CRA invited sector experts so that they could shed more light on expenditure needs for the health, water, roads and agriculture sectors. “We are not sector experts and have called you to help us understand the expenditure needs in these sectors,” she said. She further added that CRA aims at using these expenditure needs as a basis for asking for more funds.

“We need to understand the expenditure needs for the health sector, for example, to form a basis for asking for more funds. We want to understand the functions that account for 80% of the expenditure in these sectors,” she stated.

CRA Commissioner Prof. Kimuyu informed participants on the retreat objectives. First of all, CRA would like to gain an understanding of the overarching policies in these sectors. Secondly, understand the sector needs at the two levels of government. Third, how much ground has already been covered in addressing these needs; and finally, the expenditure patterns on these sectors at the two levels of government.

The formula has three objectives: to promote enhanced service delivery, balanced economic growth and incentivize revenue collection and fiscal responsibility.

The workshop was attended by officials of the national and county government departments of health, water, agriculture and roads.



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