TRUE: Kenya’s counties received Ksh1.5 trillion in Equitable Share since 2013.


December 3, 2018

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By Geoffrey Kerosi

How much money has been allocated as Equitable Share from the national government to the 47 counties of Kenya?

In an article published on The Star on October 25, Commission on Revenue Allocation (CRA) chairperson Dr Jane Karingai claimed that Ksh1.5 trillion in total had been allocated to Kenya’s 47 counties as Equitable Share from the 2013/2014 to 2018/2019 financial years.

Addressing members of the public, social movements and representatives of civil society during the 2018 Equity Week celebrations held in Nairobi, Dr Karingai added that the equitable share allocation is based on population, a basic equal share, poverty, land area and development index.

Since the onset of devolution, Dr Karingai explains, counties have received Ksh302 billion out of Ksh1.5 trillion based on their level of poverty, Ksh126 billion based on their land area, and Ksh6 billion based on the development index.

Since the onset of devolution, KSh 1.5 trillion has been allocated to county governments from 2013/14 to 2018/19 as equitable share. Of this, Ksh302 billion has been shared on account of poverty. Land area has been used to share Ksh126 billion, while the development index has been used to share Ksh6 billion. Putting all these together, it means that Ksh434 billion has been allocated to tackle poverty and close development gaps among counties — Dr Jane Karingai

So the question is, have counties been allocated Ksh1.5 trillion as equitable share since the onset of devolution in 2013?

PesaCheck has investigated the claim made by the Chairperson of the CRA, Dr Karingai, that counties have been allocated Ksh1.5 trillion since 2013/2014 and finds that it is TRUE based on the following facts:

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